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"Absolutely first rate. Informative, calm, patient, professional and made my horrible kidney stone experience as bearable as he could. Charming, humorous when appropriate. Explained everything to me and advised me on preventive methods for the future. Would recommend to anyone. Dealt with my pain, nerves, crazy humour and constant questions with professionalism, empathy and care. Completely faultless. Thank you Mr Kucheria."

"I have found Mr. Kucheria to be a superb urologist who successfully operated on me. He is extremely approachable and willing to take as much time as you need during consultations. He is charming, helpful and very caring. I would not hesitate to recommend him"

"I underwent treatment for kidney stones in July 2017 and was under the care of Dr Raj Kucheria. The kidney stone experience was not pleasant but I was lucky to have such an excellent Dr in Mr Kucheria who was professional and highly efficient throughout, who took his time to explain all the procedures that were necessary and nothing was an issue for him."

"Very happy Mr Kucheria. Honest, accurate information coupled with excellent after care and access to speak to him at all times no matter how trivial the question. Something that other Consultants are hesitant to do."

"Very good doctor, competent and easy to speak to. He is thorough in his approach, methodical and takes time to explain things properly. Flexible, he managed to give me an appointment on short notice for an emergency."

"I recently had several procedures to remove a large kidney stone and was fortunate enough to be under the care of Mr Kucheria. From the first meeting through to the final operation, he was superb. He explained the entire process in a straight forward way and put me at ease. I was always confident that I was in safe hands and felt reassured through the whole experience. Thanks Mr Kucheria for your expertise and for solving my long standing abdominal pains."


"I have known Rajesh for many years. He cares deeply about his patients and always does his best for them. He is an excellent stone surgeon. He spends time making the correct diagnosis, choosing and then delivering the most appropriate treatment for the individual. I have seen his patients after operations and they do well and are happy. He is a great colleague who I recommend him highly." 

- Mr Marc Laniado, Urologist

"I have known Raj Kucheria for 8 years. He is a skilled Urological Surgeon with a great bedside manner and I have always held him in high regard."                                             

 - Miss Tina Rashid, Urologist

"Mr Kucheria is an excellent Urologist."                       

- Miss Sanjay Kumari, Urologist

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